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8 Reasons Why You NEED a Home Inspection

Dated: 06/27/2018

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Buying a home is a long process filled with months of searching and many hoops to jump through. But many of these hoops are meant to protect you as a buyer! The buyer pays for a home inspection, and even though they can wave the inspection - this is not advised. It is wise to get an "unbiased documentation of the home's condition" says April Leslie, a radon measurement and home inspection specialist at Award Home Inspections in Richmond, even as a new construction.

Here are 8 reasons why you should neve avoid a home inspection.

1) Unseen Problems - Your dream home may look great on the outisde, but what's underneath? Leslie says, "It's much more than the red door curb appeal. A great home is more interior decorating and a good paint job. It's about what's in your walls and not what's on them."

2) More Options - A home inspection can give you ways to get out of a deal. The report can allow for renegotiation, repairs, or price reductions.

3) Cost Efficient - Home inspections range for $300 - $500 with an additional fee for HVAC and radon. This cost is minimal considering the repairs it could save you in the future.

4) Structural Problems - Learn ahead of time if the structure of the home has issues. This is a BIG red flag you could avoid!

5) Leaks - New roofs are expensive. Learn ahead of time if that will be an issue with the home you are interested in.

6) Safety - Don't be caught off guard if you're electrical system is unsafe or if there is radon in your basement.

7) Negotiation Leverage - You can use an inspection report as leverage to negotiate the price or repairs of a home.

8) Peace of Mind - An inspection report guarantees the condition of the home which means no major surprises after the sale!

Don't skip on a home inspection! It could cost you in the long run.

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