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A friend put me in contact with the best of the best.

Excellent service! Absolutely wonderful! As a result of Andrea’s expert guidance we had a very quick sale at top dollar for the market. The house went on the market on Thursday, was on contract Monday, and finished settlement roughly 30 days later. Wow! Plus, you will not find a more engaging agent than Andrea. She stays with you all the way and stands in to fight to make sure that things go the way they are supposed to. Thanks Andrea! Steve & Akemi Schmidt

Steve & Akemi Schmidt

Tim knows the area very well having grown up in the town.

The last 6 years, no one has gotten a higher price in the sale of their -interior townhome in Madison of Mclean! He also helped me buy my current condo in the Pladium at McLean as a pre-construction opportunity. Guided me through the New Contruction Sale learning process till the very end. He handled everything and ensured proper communication with lenders, builders and other agent. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in Real Estate, especially in McLean VA. He has superb knowledge of New Construction process and has an unbeatable reputation for creating win-win scenaros for both sides of the transaction.

Home Seller & Buyer, McLean, VA

My husband I have never actually met Andrea Dugan, but we’d strongly recommend her to anyone looking to sell a home.

She is THE best! In 2008 we inherited a townhome in Sterling when Steve's father passed away. We were overwhelmed with how to handle this new homeowner’s status. Cosmetically, the townhome was not in good condition. The home still had an $82K mortgage on it. We didn’t even own a home ourselves, and here we were 1,100 miles and 7 states away. We were given a grim forecast by another real estate agent who said that with fix-up costs we were unlikely to even recover the value of the mortgage from the house by the time we got through a closing settlement. It was completely random that we found Andrea (we’d signed up for a daily listings email from Kevin and ultimately contacted them), but it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. Once we had the house cleaned out, Andrea was ready to go and referred us to the wonderful David Lawson who had all the appliances replaced, coordinated a few repairs, paint, carpet, flooring and literally transformed the place for a cost that we still can’t believe was so low. She coordinated all the work with him. It was so easy for us. It was not the smoothest sale. Long story. But it was the third contract that finally stuck. Andrea was our power-of-attorney, so even then we didn't have to go the expense and trouble of traveling to the closing. Through it all, Andrea kept us well-informed and focused on the next right step, and she did it with graciousness, style and some wit. It is not easy to be in the seller’s seat and be so far away, but Andrea led us through everything so well, and we actually ended up with enough for a sizeable down-payment for a home of our own! Our advice: call Andrea.

Caroline Sevachko

“After having our house on the market for more than 6 months, we were at the end of our ropes.

We already had two different agents, with no luck. Andrea was one of the three agents we interviewed, and the interview immediately began with her assessment of what we needed to change – EXACTLY what we needed to hear. Andrea was the kind of agent we needed – someone who was aggressive, experienced, and knew what she was doing. We made her suggested changes, and listed our home with her on a Thursday – by that next Sunday (four days later) we had a contract !!! Not only did Andrea know how to market and sell our house, but when it came time to negotiate she was EXCELLENT. In addition, she was very patient when helping us fing our new house, and again, her negotiating skills were exactly what we needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Andrea – an endorsement that I don’t give out easily!” Thanks again, Michelle Marino

Michelle Marino

Over the past five years I have had the pleasure of working with Andrea on two real estate transactions, specifically the purchase of my first home in 2010 and then the subsequent sale of my home in 2015.

During these two transactions, I experienced nothing short of the most superior professionalism a first time homebuyer/seller could expect from a realtor. Andrea was not only very attentive to the special needs of an inexperienced client, but she also worked tirelessly around the clock and often went out of her way to keep the transactions on track. During both transactions, Andrea very patiently walked me through every step, answering dozens of questions along the way. Being a busy professional myself, I often would not get the chance to email or have discussions with her until late in the evening or weekends. She always made herself available to accommodate my schedule. She very often went out of her way to work actions in parallel and implemented several creative solutions for the various hurdles associated with any real estate transaction in order to enable everything to remain on track. She is a true problem solver! When I sold my home, I had to do so in a short amount of time due to a major life change. I also had to move before the sale was final, creating a host of other challenges associated with clearing contingencies and finalizing the paperwork needed for closing while living several hundreds of miles away. Andrea constantly went out of her way to assist me with completing several actions that I, as the seller, was responsible for. She turned what seemed like a very daunting situation, into a very easy transaction. In an age where any book on the home purchasing/selling process will advise you that “realtors are not your friends” I never felt that Andrea had anything but my best interest at heart, even when it took me nearly a year to finally find the home that I would purchase in 2010. I would highly recommend anyone selling or buying a home to consider Andrea when selecting a realtor. - Jeremy Hiers

Jeremy Hiers

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